sqlsrvr.exe isn’t always Microsoft SQL Server

Whilst at a client recently, I was called over as the Windows support team have received an alert that a SQL Server was running at 100% CPU. Strangely, it was on a server-name that wasn’t supposed to host SQL Server, according to the naming standards.

Whilst trying to drive from the back seat over someone’s shoulder, we couldn’t find the SQL Server binaries in the Program Files directory, or much other evidence of SQL Server – no data files or transaction log files; no directory structures; no client or configuration tools. The only “evidence” was TaskManager showing to all and sundry that it was a “SQL Server problem”. Again!

I looked at some tools that remotely list what programs and applications are installed on a server – nope, no SQL Server there. I pointed Microsoft’s MAP tool against the server as well – no joy! Truly frustrating! It turns out is was a version of Sybase, yet again showing the shared ancestry between SQL Server and Sybase!

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