Port Query – is SQL Server listening?

From time to time, DBAs will be called in to investigate connection issues – “my application couldn’t connect to the database at 13:30…. was the database ok?”

Management Studio is great for validating connectivity, but it’s not easily portable. Port Query UI (portqry) is a convenient graphical tool that allows ports to be tested to see if SQL Server is listening – and can be connected to from a test workstation or server. It comes as a ZIP download, it doesn’t install anything, and you just need to run the EXE. The added bonus is that it’s not part of the SQL Server suite, so application teams can often be persuaded that it’s legitimate proof that SQL Server really is available and listening.

Once it’s running, you just need to enter the server-name or IP address, and then either provide the TCP/UDP port – or select the SQL Server drop down, which will try the default port of 1433 together with the SQL Server Browser port of 1434. Then just click on the Query button, and the results will be displayed at the bottom.

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