Hadoop – Getting Started

Big Data has been one of the buzzwords of the last few years, and has become a “thing” because of the enormous amounts of data being generated in recent years – primarily because of the internet. Hadoop is one of the core technologies in the Big Data space, and is certainly the starting point in […]

Python – Error: list index out of range

I’ve been developing in Python for just over two years since 2014, so I’m still a newbie, and I hit this error recently: “Error: list index out of range” It took a little bit longer than perhaps it should have done to figure out what I’d done wrong. The code was something like this pseudo-function, […]

Microsoft Dynamics CRM – Filtered Views and SQL Server 2014

Microsoft Dynamics CRM makes extensive use of filtered views – these are standard views in the database, but they prevent¬†unauthorised users (including DBAs) from seeing sensitive data by the way they are coded. During several migrations of Microsoft Dynamics CRM from both the 2011 and 2013 versions to 2015, my¬†project teams have hit performance issues […]

Another reason to sign-up for Visual Studio Dev Essentials

The March update for Visual Studio Dev Essentials has announced that SQL Server 2014 Developer Edition is now free for Dev Essentials members! It was always great value for non-production development and testing, but now – it really shows how Microsoft SQL Server is really gunning for Oracle’s database customers. Exciting news! Starting today, SQL […]

Kalen Delaney is coming back to SQLBits

Kalen Delaney is coming back to SQLBits XV in May in Liverpool –¬†Kalen’s session will be on the thursday, and is called SQL Server Query Plans – Reuse or Recompile. In Kalen’s words, it will cover the plan cache, how and when SQL Server decides whether to reuse or recompile a plan, and how to […]